Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Final Installment - Flores

Last time to blog for this trip, as we plan to leave our hotel around 6 am tomorrow and will be heading from one airport to another (Flores to Guatemala City to Houston to Portland) until (hopefully) 8:22 pm tomorrow night.

Flores is a nice little town and we've enjoyed strolling around, buying the hard cookies we consider to be our survival food on the road, going for a swim in the pool and a soak in the hot tub (tepid tub, actually), and enjoying a nice dinner on the terrace of our hotel overlooking the lake.

The first picture is the ultra mini van we rode in from Tikal to Flores, sort of a tall Volks Beetle we shared with the driver (who drank Listerine?!) and 2 couples from Spain who were special ed teachers - very interesting.

The other photos are of our hotel from the street, the view from our balcony of the pool and lake, and from the pool to our balcony (top right).

Thanks for following our travels! We've had an interesting, memorable trip and are grateful to be heading home tomorrow.


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Isaac said...

Hi Mom and Sylvia,

What an adventure you two have had! It looks like you've had fun, but I hope you are ready to come home. I start my NSO program tomorrow, so I'm just working on packing and what not.