Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Exploring Nebaj

We´ve taken time the last few days to explore Nebaj more, partly because we were looking for a bakery and an ice cream place we remembered and partly because it was sunny instead of rainy yesterday afternoon. Here are the pictures we selected for today: a typical street scene with a sign for a dentist that is blessed by God and guarantees his work (note the adobe wall near the sign, very common) and a photo, shot from the hip, of some young people ordering ice cream. We got a kick out of the huge basket and traditional clothes with the ice cream store backdrop. The 3rd picture shows Cecelia and Maria Linda, the mother and daughter in my host family, preparing dinner and laughing at my attempts to make round tortillas (I told them ugly tortillas taste just as good as perfect ones). The 4th photo is of Pedro, Stacey, Angelica, and Sylvia, in the country taking a break. The town of Nebaj is preparing for their big annual fair which begins this week-end. Today there was a political rally and a march of indigenas people carrying signs (lower right of photo) ¨We´re looking for Jose Efran Rios Monte for genocide¨. He was the president in the early 80´s when there were massacres in most of the villages in the highlands including Nebaj, where hundreds died. Others are carrying a huge quilt with squares representing those who died (none of them were soldiers, all innocent civilians). You can also see the banners they´ve put up for the fair. Enjoy!
Happy trails,
Stacey and Sylvia

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Snowflake said...

Wow, Im kinda impressed! Hope you guys are still doing well! Im way interested/stoaked on that political rally. keep the updates comin, ill try to check this more often! (oh yea, i totally dig the native dress!)