Friday, August 17, 2007

Last Post from San Pedro la Laguna

Syl and I are tying up loose ends this afternoon. We had class in the morning instead of 2:oo to 6:oo but will head back to school at 7:oo for a special dinner. We´ll leave bright and early (or early, at least!) on a bus to Guatemala City where we´ll take a taxi to another bus to Rio Dulce, near the Caribbean coast to the NE. Our longest day of bus travel but through some interesting countryside.

The first photo is the sunrise from the upstairs windows at my house - another beautiful sunny day.

The next photo Sylvia took during our salsa lessons last night. Maybe I can convince Mike to take up salsa dancing? It´s really fun.

The last 3 photos are from the school: a big frog in the grass, Sylvia and I with our teachers, Luis and Lorenzo (Luis´dog Bongo in the foreground), and the teachers of the Cooperativa school in the lovely garden.
We have no idea what internet access might be like for the rest of the trip but we´ll email when we can.
Happy trails!

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