Thursday, August 23, 2007

One last update

Home safe and sound - hot shower and a real towel, comfortable bed with a real pillow and my wonderful husband, living the good life.

Our 3 flights yesterday (Flores to Guatemala City to Houston to Portland) were all a bit rocky (in part compliments of Hurricane Dean) but all the connections went very well and we landed safely in Portland 5 minutes ahead of schedule.

Here's one last picture and a note on good trip karma and being prepared. In the photo are Sylvia and René, our seat mate for the Houston-Portland flight. René sat down beside us very upset having lost a crown at boarding time at the beginning of her trip. I happened to have an emergency kit for replacing a crown or filling (I think I paid about $5 for it at Bi-mart 4 years ago and have packed it on every trip since just in case) and it worked! After a few minutes to figure it out, mix it up and use it and an hour to set, René was good to go, at least until she can get to a dentist for a more permanent fix. We enjoyed getting to know her during the flight. What an upbeat way to end a trip!

Happy trails all!

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