Wednesday, August 15, 2007

It´s been raining a lot here in San Pedro but POURING higher in the mountains - landslides and flooding. I think it´s supposed to subside in the next day or 2. Tomorrow would be nice!

Syl and I spent the morning volunteering in the program for kids with disabilities. It was very interesting and basically resembled my worst nightmare for my own program - lots of kids and no help or money for supplies. As always, the kids were great and it was nice meeting and talking with the teacher.

The 1st photo is of my host family here in San Pedro: Roni, Pedro, Petrona, and Alejandra.

The 2nd photo is Syl and a local man heading up the hill from my house in the rain.

The 3rd photo is Syl in front of the program building, "Children of the Lake".

The 4th photo shows me helping Jose' wash the dishes after lunch - a great functional routine!

The last photo was taken from the ice cream shop where we waited out a huge downpour. Spirits were high, though! I guess you can count me in with the locals that it´s an experience worth smiling about.
Happy trails,

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