Monday, August 6, 2007

1st full day in Nebaj

An interesting day - 1st day of class and meeting our host families. We survived the ¨death head¨ shower in the youth hostel, shown sideways - sorry. In spite of the professional wiring job including local circuit breaker and heating unit it offered only cold water. We met our teachers for the 1st time (Stacey pictured with Pedro, Sylvia with Angelica to follow, and made our way to the rooftop for our 1st classes. The scenery picture is the view from our ¨classrooms¨. We´ve explored a bit (mostly looking for ice cream) visited the church above which is in the central plaza. Just inside the door is a moving memorial to the hundreds of people from Nebaj who were massacred by the military during the civil war in the 80´s. Now we´re in the internet cafe avoiding the daily afternoon downpour.
Happy trails!
Sylvia and Stacey

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