Thursday, August 2, 2007

2nd Day

Lots of walking and lots of amazing, interesting things we'd never see in Oregon. Things we'd never taste in Oregon, either. It's hard to select just a few pictures with so many visual images swimming in our heads, but the 3 with this entry are a plate of typical food (Stacey's breakfast), some weird plants, and some skeletal remains found below one of the ruined convents we visited. Happy trails! Stacey and Sylvia

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Mariah Brink said...

I wish I could have internet everyday to live vicariously through you on your trip -- oh wait...I'm going to St. Martin in 7 hours!!! I'll be so excited to share pictures and look through more of yours when you get back.
I love you!!!

ps...the turbo cooker was from Eunice and Gerald on Greg's side...thanks for looking into it though!